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  • (248) 474-2000
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LIV Open MRI is dedicated to minimizing the spread of disease.

If you have a fever, cough, flu symptoms or have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus, please call the office at (248) 474-2000 to reschedule your appointment.

Please limit people accompanying patients to appointments to one person unless it is a child and parent needs to bring other children.

Our office is open for regular business and we are taking the recommended steps to limit the spread of any diseases

COVID - 19 (Coronavirus): Your Health is Important To Us
Using the correct disinfectants is an important part of preventing the spread of illness.  Our staff in committed to providing you, our valued patient, the cleanest environment possible.  We live by the motto - Every Day, Every Patient, Every Time!  You can be assured that we are disinfecting all of our diagnostic machinery as well as our restrooms and waiting areas.  We promise you the very best care.

We have partnered with LIV Diagnostics to offer state of the art Ultrasound technologies.

Don't waste hours sitting and waiting at out-patient centers or hospitals - our proven
staff is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Get Your MRI Done in a Comfortable Environment

A Magnetic Resonance Image, commonly referred to as an MRI, is a diagnostic technique that allows a radiologist to see inside your body and properly diagnose medical conditions. Unlike an x-ray or CAT scan, absolutely NO RADIATION is expressed. Our Open MRI portal uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce a detailed image of your body's soft tissue and bones. An MRI is the only way to get a clear picture of what is really going on inside.

LIV Open MRI has dedicated itself to securing the most up to date technology available. With a clear picture and our radiologist's expertise, we will provide the results needed to assist your physician in treating what is causing you pain.

No need to be nervous. Our staff will be with you every step of the way. Your comfort and confidence is what is most important. You will just need to lay still and relax. You can leave all the hard stuff to us.  

Please, reach out. We look forward to assisting you.